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EDMTV Programming has been selectively created and crafted to be the world’s best party channel. No longer is your viewing device a tangible barrier, but a portal into the world of Electronic Dance Music. We bring a digital universe of multi-genre episodes including festival coverage, nightlife highlights, 3D visuals, animations and live sets to give your house party something to rave about.

Through the wonders of streaming technology, we allow our viewers to choose what they want to watch to best suit their vibe. We also carefully weave the content together in a way that is undisturbed and free-flowing. Each episode is labelled accordingly, whether it be an hour of Drum and Bass tracks or a Tiësto 1990s throwback. Do you want Dubstep with that? How about some Trap or Love Songs? Maybe the DJs and Professional Dancers on “Rave Train” can take you to your next destination.

We feature our biggest record label partners, so you can dive behind the scenes and see the world through the eyes of your favourite artists.

EDMTV is about connecting fans with the heroes they love and if you want to know more, simply head over to the EDM Talk section to hear a range of interviews with some of EDM’s Jedi Masters.

Maybe you want to learn more about upcoming technology, software or music production techniques? Well, there’s a section for you too: EDM Tech. We sit down with some of the most creative programmers, coders, lighting technicians, VJs and music producers to bring you a series of tips and tools to help you up your game. There are also tons of prizes and giveaways!

If you’re ahead of the curve and own a virtual reality headset, then the EDMTV VR app can take you right to the centre of all the action. Jump into the DJ booth with Skrillex or effortlessly hop over to the next stage and watch Steve Aoki crowd surf. All live, happening as you’re watching it from your living room. Explore our 3D worlds of visuals and music and go places you’ve never dreamed of. So kiss those pregnant teenage mothers and Kardashians goodbye and enter the world of uninterrupted musical entertainment.

We put a big emphasis on having a great team, and one thing’s for sure, we all love electronic dance music.

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